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here we go ! my very first article/tutorial 🙂

This article is here because i had a hard time getting moveabletype up and running on a Windows 2K server with very little documentation on the subject at It deals with the quirks involved in deploying a unix based cgi script (which moveabletype is) on a windows machine.

These steps should make life easier for anyone attempting the same:

1. Path to Perl
UNIX scripts require you to provide the path to Perl. This is not required in Perl scripts in Windows. The first line in a UNIX Perl script will normally be something like #!usr/bin/perl. To run on Windows 2000 servers, this should be changed to #!perl

So, change the first line you find on every .cgi file in the directory u uploaded moveabletype to.

2. File Permissions
UNIX documentation will often advise you to set file permissions (CHMOD) to 777 (or similar). This is unnecessary in the Windows version of Perl as scripts inherit permissions from the Windows operating system.

3. File Extensions
Change the extension of all files with “.cgi” extension to “.pl”. UNIX Perl scripts normally use the .cgi file extension & perl scripts on win2k usually use the .pl extension. You will also have to find and replace any “.cgi” to “.pl” on all the templates of your blog.

4.DBFile Module
If your host does not want to install the DB File perl module for you.
Here is a precompiled version of the same.

. Unzip it

. Upload the file in ASCII mode into your extlib directory.

. Create a new directory in extlib called ‘auto’.

. Inside ‘extlib/auto’, create a new directory called ‘DB_File’.

. Upload the file auto/DB_File/autosplit.ix in ASCII mode into ‘extlib/auto/DB_File/’ on your webserver.

. Upload the files auto/DB_File/, auto/DB_File/DB_File.dll, auto/DB_File/DB_File.exp, and auto/DB_File/DB_File.lib in BINARY mode into ‘extlib/auto/DB_File/’ on your webserver.

That is it !

Update : Deane Barker, yet another person who successfully got MT working on a windows host explains in this thread about Access Denied problem that you could possibly encounter.